Let's face it

“Let’s face it. One party is as bad as the other. Unfortunately, we won’t clean house because everyone feels like they have the only one up there who’s any good. That’s life. That’s politics."

You're right

“You’re right. Congress nor the president have anything to do with gas prices. The oil companies do what they want to do because they can. They control Congress."

Great idea

“The Chamber is having a photo contest to represent the county. I think this is a great ide and that every citizen should participate to let the world know how truly beautiful our neck of the woods really is."

In response

“To ‘Put to Rest’, you obviously dont go out on the weekends in Moultrie to eat or you would see that the very few sit down and eat family restaurants we have ARE filled to the gill."

Olive Garden

“Hey, nobody is stopping Olive Garden from coming here. So there must be a valid reason that they are not."


“Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier, and save time and money for law enforcement to just go out to a certain ‘round’ road and write ‘no license’ tickets for all who live there? Or, now I'm really wondering. Is it possible these are the same people over and over just giving different names each time?"

How it works

“Many people don't know how the food stamps or welfare payments work. The State closely monitors the bank account which the checks are deposited in. If any over amounts show up anywhere due to any resources ,the State will deduct that amount from future checks. If it continues that person who receives a check stands to loose all future payments and benefits. This is Law and it is very strictly enforced."


“Just curious how someone on probation can get charged with failure to stop at a stop sign, DUI, and domestic assault & battery but that isn't a violation of his probation?"


“I would like some clarification: Is law enforcement actively looking for those who are in violation of their probation or is it a procedure of just arresting them if you happen to run across them."

Me too

“You know I’ve wondered the same thing, seeing these guys with their tattoos all over them and their britches half off. Obviously they have few if any aspirations for bettering themselves. And like you said, who really wants to hire someone who has no more respect for himself than that. You will find that many of these people use drugs and their brains are fried."

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