I agree

“I agree, deputies should make more, but at the same time they should enforce the laws they are sworn to uphold. I witnessed two deputies pass cars with no headlights on in a rain storm the other day. If they can't enforce the simplest of traffic laws, how are we to expect them to take care of more serious crimes?

In response

“I urge Mr. Harris to educate himself on current politics, rather than letting someone tell him his politics. If you've done any iota of research on Obama, you'll find he's nothing more than an incompetent man trying to do big boy stuff. Obama has no business being president, he should be a manager of a Burger King instead.

Sickens me

“It absolutely sickens me to go into a convenience store and watch my tax dollars being spent on lottery tickets by people too sorry or lazy to work!

Thank you

“Thank you Mr. Harris for your factual and well-researched response to Mr. Driver's letter. I was getting ready to respond but you covered the bases very well. I hope people will read the facts you wrote and see the real truth about the Republicans.

Actually read it

“I wish people would read the dog ordinance before you speak!! It clearly states (3) three dogs per zone! My dogs are all I have left in this life,so if you are willing to take my life to get the dogs ,please be. advised I will make your journey to. see Jesus come to pass. All my. animals have current shots,are. spayed and well fed. Why aren't you picking up the wealthy peoples dogs who violate the ordinance, if they can have more than three dogs so can I.....


“So now we’re 0-3 in Packer football. How good does hat new turf look now?

Not only one

“Wow, Glad to know I'm not the only one who sees teachers and staff disappear if a coach is needed. Funny how that works, and if they have a spouse fear not, we'll find them a job too. But hey,  even coaches/ trainers are not disappear proof. If a better coach is available, they too will disappear..

What changed?

“Band is supposed to be fun, however, this year seems to be an exception. A lot of students are talking about quitting or have already quit. Is it the band director, new policy or what. The kids didn't change, we need to find out what did.


“Hey Packers! You guys hang in there. This is a tough region and you scored a lot of points on one of the top teams in the nation. We’re behind you, all the way.

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