“I agree.  My insurance premiums did not go up when my car was struck by an illegal immigrant with no license and no insurance.  I did have to pay my deductible. The illegal immigrant was arrested at the scene.

"No further charges were brought against him from my insurance company.  All they required was for me to pay the deductible.  I am still upset over this.

"As a legal citizen of the United States of America, I am required by law to cover my vehicles with insurance.

"Why didn't I sue him?  The address he gave is not a valid address!

"He was out of jail the next day. I am disgusted."

Big deal

“Gambling raid collars 10...Big deal.More big government sticking their noses in peoples’ business. People work hard for their money....the government takes half of it before they even see it and now on top of that they tell you how to spend it? We all know why....they aren't getting a cut of it!"

Attend meetings

“Citizens of Moultrie and Colquitt County please start attending your government meetings. One day you will wake up and there will be a monument or something you don't like right in the middle of a road!"

Be carefull

“The new crosswalk signs are real pretty, but it has increased speeding in downtown. When a driver sees the countdown they speed up. So be careful out there."

Job postings

“To the person who complained about Norman Park School not posting available positions on their website:  When schools do post job openings, most of the time, the positions are filled before they are posted."


“How about putting your ‘on sale’ items in your computer so that we don’t have to debate the cashier. And also, actually have the stuff you are advertising."

Saw this coming

“I saw this coming, didn't you? Not guilty. I don't think she killed her daughter, my opinion of course.

"The reason: I could see this awful type of accident happening right here in Moultrie and would almost bet you wouldn't be so quick to push the death sentence.

"This type of behavior Casey has shown is the new "norm" for most parents just look around."

Last of concerns

“Oh Moultrie...the little village stuck in the 1980's.

"Don't you know that having more than one high school is good for competition and for academics? Football should be the last of our concerns."

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