About history

“Mr. Rogers, your comments on history are interesting. Having been a history major, however, I can tell you that there’s a lot of history written and often it was flavored back then to justify what was being done. Also, many events did not get the prominence it deserved. For instance, the massacre at Wounded Knee and the ill treatment of Apache and Cherokee Indians is not very flattering for the cause of democracy. And of course the story of the Mayflower is good for the kids but there is much more than that to be embraced as truth. The fact that our nation was settled in a flurry of expansionism, profiteering and adventure trumps those stories about religious freedom which was mostly a side affect. In other words, those factors hitched a ride.

"What is taught as history is mostly irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. What we seek out for ourselves is the meat in the soup. And it’s there for the partaking."

Secret Service

“Cry Baby: So let’s get this straight, Herman Cain who is only a candidate nothing more, yet, is going to get Secret Service Protection because of threats? We the American public will have to foot the bill for that which is unfair no matter how you cut that cake. Does this mean all of us when we receive verbal threats can ask for and get Secret Service Protection? Inquiring minds need to know and want to know about this unfair injustice. He chose to run for office and if he can't handle the heat then he should get out of that kitchen and not get Secret Service to protect poor little him."

Sweetheart deal

“So Newt had a little sweetheart deal going on as well as some ‘sweethearts’ as well. Let’s face it, they are all cut from the same cloth woven with immorality and greed."

Football is king

“You are absolutely right. Football is king. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The fans made it that way. You keep beating a dead horse. It will not resurrect. You will not get 5,000 fans to watch a cross-country race or a swim meet. Ain’t gonna happen. That doesn’t mean that the kids who play the other sports can’t have fun and excel. But life is what it is and you can’t indict the fans for choosing what they like best. All sports were not created equal."

Back in Black

“Back in Black is and will always be the Packer anthem? Sure it gets us fired up, but don’t forget our real fight song ‘Onward Packers’. It has been sung by the Packer faithful, accompanied by the 50th Regiment Band, since before the members of AC/DC were born.

"Do you know where our marching band got it’s name? It’s from Company H, the 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, men from Colquitt County that fought in the Civil War."

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