“Unfortunately we can’t offer options for grants. We apply for them with specific criteria. As it turned out, the Intermodal Facility was ill conceived given that we don’t really know what we’re going to use it for. Even in conjunction with what was planned for the old Friedlander building it was a stretch. Now that we have it and can’t send it back, let’s come up with a good way to use it. If we don’t, then we have to be careful when we talk about wasteful spending."

Glad to see it

“I’m glad to see such a concerted effort here to improve upon our mental health facilities and capabilities. I think we now know that mental illness is a very serious issue, even though there are some out there who approach it with a ‘just get over it’ mentality."

No icing

“So the ranter is angry about the renovation and expansion of the main entrance of the hospital. What a stupid thing to be upset about. I suppose you would prefer a cake without icing as well cause why put icing on it when you can save money and just have the plain cake."

Don't be prude

“To the ranter who said that the renovation and expansion of the main entrance at the hospital made you angry. I hope you have never had a loved one at the hospital where you had to be there for hours, days or weeks at a time. That waiting and staring at a hospital room wall can drain you.

"It is nice to be able to walk down into a lobby or coffee shop or gift shop and take a break without having to go to far from the hospital or leave the hospital at all. So don't be a prude there is a need for expansion of things like this just as there is a need for expansion of services and rooms etc."

Tax issue

“There’s been a lot of talk among the candidates about whether or not corporations should be taxed and treated as individual citizens. I can sum it up for them. I'll accept corporations as people when Texas executes one."

I agree

“I agree with the rant saying it’s a good idea for patrolmen to drive their cruisers home because police cars sitting in residential neighborhoods are a crime deterrent. Plus, what good would it do for them all to be parked at the police station? It’s not as if that place is going to get robbed."

Fuel waste

“You have it all wrong. If you want to see where a waste of fuel is then look no farther than around you. School buses. They take them home. To Walmart. Other jobs. I've seen them do there shopping plenty of times. Look around. You see them all day riding around with no kids. But I have seen them drop friends off for work or appointments. I'm sure that the bus burns more fuel than a police car."

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