“Define probation officer:  A person appointed to supervise offenders who are on probation.No where in that definition does it state that a probation officer has the right to minimize, belittle, denigrate, derogate, disparage, belittle or pick at the person on probation. Making a mistake does not constitute being treated horribly.

Who I owe

“Obama said that business owners owe our success to the government. Yes, Obama, the government has always been my partner in business and even more so now. Stealing my money, imposing millions of pages of regulations, complicating everything I do, forcing me to rely on expensive lawyers and accountants and generally wasting my time which I can’t get back.

School system

“Moultrie is losing our youthful productive citizens. How could the Colquitt County School System not hire young people who have worked within the system for years.

Good enough to coach with little or no pay but good enough to teach math or anything else? Another school system has hired them and will reap the benefits of their knowledge. I know the ranters will eat this up, but please be aware of what you speak of before you reply.

Auto industry

“There's been some discussion lately about are you better off now than four years ago. I think I might have found some people that are better off. If you work for a car dealership you have a job. The fact is that you would not have that job if Mitt Romney had been president in 2009.

I don't care what you've heard, even Mitt had to back off that claim that he alone saved the auto industry. There were no private investors willing to risk putting money into the auto industry. If Obama had not backed them they would have closed their doors and millions of Americans would have been thrown out of work.

In response

“The letter to the editor from the past presidents of the Chamber of Commerce stated, and I quote ‘Public officials (county commissioners and city councilmen) are prohibited by law from promoting a position on a referendum issue that will affect local government’. Then why on Monday's evening news on WALB was a story stating that two Dougherty County commissioner members are against the T-SPLOST

About gambling

“I don't know about you but I am getting very tired of this entire 99% and 1% stuff. There is no such thing. There are Americans and they are 99 + 1 = 100% Americans. Those of you who think in these class warfare terms should be ashamed of yourselves.

These are not the values of America these are the values of division. Rich, poor, white, black, yellow, brown, orange or green we should be Americans first.

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