Not color issue

“It is not the black side or the white side of a president I object to, it's the spending side.  We need a congress and a President (black, white, hispanic, asian, I don't care) who can stick to a budget that does not spend more than we the people put in."

Impound them

“Everyday I see more and more people getting caught driving with no license.  How about we start impounding the vehicles.  If they can get a license they pay the impound fee and get the car back.  If not, sell the car at auction.  I bet that will cut down on the numbers."

Illegal status

“Everyday we have illegals stopped for traffic violations including no license, no insurance, DUI, etc. The fact that they are illegal does not play into any of this. So why all the hullabaloo about that Arizona law? Here we are not profiiing, we are enforcing traffic laws but still nothing is done about illegal status."


“I would like to suggest that the county commissioners place a curfew and a noise ordinance on the new racetrack instead of revoking their business license. That would be fair to the neighbors and to the track owner. Maybe they could start races earlier in the day and limit the number of tickets sold to a reasonable number of spectators. These steps would help address the safety issue as well."


“Curious, out of all the accidents you posted in the paper the only one i wanted to read in the newspaper was not even included. The school bus that was rear-ended on north main street sometime before 7:50am on August 17. that was also full of students. I truly do hope that no one was injured on that bus."


“Contrary to your statement, I have tremendous respect for law enforcement,and never said they didn't deserve a raise. What I said was if they are capable of doing a better job and don't, fire em'. Everyone has parts of their job they do not like but we all understood these when we accepted the job and pay. Grow up and quit whining."

The economy

“A lot of people haven’t had pay raises in a while. A lot of people are taking furloughs. The economy is bad. Reading the rants in this column, one might think one group or one section of the economy has a franchise on hard times."

The race track

“County commission knew a race track was being built. It chose not to consider ramifications. And now it must attempt to back into the issue and correct problems that should have been anticipated."

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