“To the women who stopped to help when my dog was killed on Cool Springs Road, thank you. I saw the best and worst of humanity that day, and you were the best. I was blinded by grief and didn’t even think to get your name. I can’t thank you enough for stopping to help."


“So I read so much here about the controversy over the aesthetics of in-ground trash containers vs. roll-out trash containers? Doesn't our community have bigger and worse problems to consider?

"We have in-ground containers in my neighborhood and half of them are always propped open, half of them have a rusty trash can sitting on top of the lid (above ground), and the other half of them have a cracked and/or broken concrete collar. So, how is that more aesthetically pleasing than roll-out containers? Duh-huh, go figure! Have a nice day!"

About DDT

“About DDT: It may have been taken off the market in the U.S. in 1972, however, it is still in our soils and still up-taken by plants in those same soils.

"Perhaps someone needs to keep up with current research on the subject?"

Closer look

“Could the ranter explain to me why he/she is calling GEAR an elitist school? I have mentally scanned the parents of students that I know, and to my knowledge, not one of them is considered elitist.

"They are all hardworking people who truly help their child succeed with homework and studying to make the grades that qualified them to go to GEAR in the first place."

In response

“To the person who complained that issues are aired in the Rants and Raves column. Well I have tried going to the sources and dealing with some issues and mostly what I got was condescension and the matters got swept under the rug or glossed over. By expressing ourselves publicly, we stand a better chance of something getting done."

Elitist schools

“Any school can be an ‘elitist’ school. All it takes is parents reading and working with their children from the time they are 2 years old. The schools that are not elitist should be called ‘schools with parents that talk, complain, pitch fits and talk more, but don't quietly work with their children daily schools.’"

Magnet schools

“Nearly 50% of the top public high schools in the U.Ss are magnets, like GEAR could be considered. Leave it to the rural south to celebrate and embrace mediocrity rather than evolve."

Just different

“Having a program such as GEAR is about offering a choice to parents. One is not superior to the other, just different. The decision to place a child in one program over another is based on what's best for the child."

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