Harsher charges for meth makers

“There should be harsher charges for anyone making meth in a motel room. I mean, really, that is a potential bomb! If someone was in the room making bombs, what would their charges be? How many people would have been killed or injured if there had been an explosion."

Condoms in marriage?

“To the person who said to use condoms: If you are married, do you use condoms with your spouse? The point was that I was married for more than 15 years and he was my only partner since high school. So telling me to use condoms is a moot point. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that condoms are the best way to protect against HIV/AIDS. So ladies protect yourself, because he won't."

New treatments

“People have lost the HIV/Aids fear because over the years there have been new treatments for this dreaded disease. It seems it was the disease of the 80's and 90's but to many people’s surprise it hasn’t gone away and people have gotten back to unprotected sex. Even education has waned over the last few years over protecting yourself. I watched a dear friend die from it in the 80's after getting it from a blood transfusion. Some people still think it is a disease only for the gay community. So people young and old listen up. Until they find a cure or a vaccine, I suggest you choose your partners wisely and get tested."

Issues decided before the meetings

“Government meetings in this town are a joke. I have attended City Council, County Commissioner and School Board meetings. They all read like everything is planned and decided before the meeting ever starts. Is that just me or are there others that feel the same way?"

Tax cuts didn't yield jobs

“When George W. Bush sold Congress on reducing the tax liability of the richest 1-percent of the US by $1-trillion, he did it even as he was gearing up to prosecute two wars on the ‘faith and credit’ of US taxpayers. We were told that $1-trillion would be ploughed back into the US economy creating new jobs. That didn’t happen and yet the same argument continues being used in proposing still further tax cuts for the most wealthy. Mitt Romney believes that 47-percent of us pay no taxes. So, what does he have to hide?"

Recycling bins

“The recycling bins at the State Farmers Market should be rearranged so they are more convenient for the public. They also should be emptied on a timely basis."

Redneck TV

“I see where the latest whitetrash/redneck family on TV ‘the Honey Boo Boo's’ seem to have gotten their free ride Medicaid taken away. Seems the producers gave them a large sum of money up front to do those shows and the government found out."

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