“One person is complaining about a classroom being a chair short of capacity and another is complaining about a school tax increase. Do you see a relationship between the two concerns?"

One-trick pony

“The ‘columnist’ Dick Morris is a one-trick pony. All he does is bash the president. I fail to see why any self-respecting newspaper, other than the Tea Party Gazette, would want to publish his nonsense on a frequent and continuing basis."

We're struggling

“The city is raising the millage rate by 1.85 and the school a full 2 mills. The is crazy most of us are struggling to keep food on the table with things the way they are. They may want to think about breaking this into payments for us the think about being able to pay it.. "


“I have an idea! How about that $2.5 million dollars that the county is getting from a land sale be used to give its county employees a 5% raise instead of being just stored away to gain interest.....that would be nice since they haven't had a raise in over 5 years!"


“Don't need no Phd. I listen to Fox and I learned all I needed to know about global warming and pollution from Ronald Reagan: ‘Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.’ Speech by President Reagan '81."


“Mailboxes are being vandalized on Old Berlin Road.  This is the 5th time this year for mine.  These dead beat shirt tails doing this are probably the same ones I am  spending my tax dollars to educate and rehabilitate (either in school or behind bars).  Sooner or later you will get caught and you better hope its not by me."

Sad irony

“There is extreme sad irony in the death of Robin Williams. He spent his life making other people smile and laugh. Yet he apparently was at war with himself with deep issues of sadness."

Brilliant minds

“I’ve read with interest those people who say we have no influence on global warming or that global warming isn’t happening. Well some of our most brilliant minds say we are experiencing such and that yes, humankind does impact it with carbon emissions. How much may not be determined yet. So I will put my money on the scientists."


“If we’ve have people smart enough to chase down a comet with a satellite over billions of miles, then I’m guessing we have people smart enough to develop alternate fuel sources that would relieve us from being held hostage by big oil. Just a hunch, of course."

Brace yourself

“Almost time for kickoff. Brace yourself for the football haters among us."

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