Worst morals

“To the person with the observation of teenage pregnancies, I personally think that it could be the fact that the mother or father of the teenager is living with a partner without being married so does introduce the thought that it is okay to have sex whenever they want.

"The other thought is that I have experienced in Moultrie the worst morals than any other town I have ever lived in. I have witnessed wives and husbands betraying their spouses by having obvious affairs and completely ignoring the fact that they are destroying their family.

"I think we all need to re-assess the way we are living and bringing up our children. Stop ignoring our Christian values and stop ruining lives."

Pregnant teens

“Is it so wrong that teens are pregnant? For all of history, sexual maturity was the sign of being an adult. Now we want to push that to 18, 21, or even 25.

"Many of our grandparents were married in their teens. Were they bad people, or did society simply expect them to be responsible rather than treating them like ‘babies’ as you say?"

Farmer welfare

“The American cotton farmer is the new face of welfare in this country. Don't take my word for it. Go to the farm subsidy data base and it tells you exactly which farmers receive money and how much. Then you will know how Mr. farmer can drive a fifty thousand dollar truck and live in a million dollar house."

In response

“This is to ‘Observation’. My child is one of those children you are talking about walking at graduation and being pregnant. I have had the talk with my children till I was blue in the face. They would repeat the talk to me. I have told them about waiting till marriage and how the love between a woman and a man is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God. As parents we can teach and drill in their minds our expectations for them, but in the end it them who have to make decisions for themselves. We cannot be with them 24 hours a day. My daughter knows what I hoped and dreamed for her.

"No the road she chose is not going to be easy, but who said being a parent at 30 or 40 was easy. With family support and a strong will to make the best out of an unfortunate mishap in judgement she can succeed as a mother and college student."


“How can we come up with a good way to use it? Webster defines ‘intermodal’ as involving more than one mode of transportation. The facility is designed for people to park, wait, and get on a bus, train, or in a taxi, and Moultrie simply has no need for that. Any other use is flawed from the start."


“If Bigfoots really existed, our government would have found a way by now to get them on welfare."

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