Football tickets

“Who sets the prices for Packer Football season tickets?

"The AD or the Principal? If yes, how can that be when both are no longer in those positions? Why did Bob Jones’ name appear on the letter to the season ticket holders when he know he was going to retire?

"Something is just not right here."


“At Lowndes High in Valdosta, football season tickets are $50 for 5 home games. So why are ours $85 for 5 home games. Something is wrong with this picture?"

How is this?

“Board of Ed: How can someone with no classroom experience, no elementary experience, and only just a few years of teaching experience be suggested for an AP position at our school? Please reject that idea and request that other applicants be examined. Our school and our students deserve better!"


“Where's the proof that the new high school is going to be built on a swamp? I ride by there everyday and I have never seen swampland. Or are you just mad that it's going to be a little further from town?"

Get involved

“My child's school is working hard and meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of my daughter. If you're not happy about the school your child attends, get involved and make it better. Don't jump into a fantasyland promise or pull the resources from other schools to support an unplanned, unorganized administration that is basically saying ‘trust us’ we'll figure it out as we go."

What I hear

“From those I hear have signed up for the new gifted elementary school, it sounds like it will not reflect the diversity of our community. Come clean and share what the racial make-up will look like. I hope our school board members will step up and put a stop to it!"

Benefits program

“Consider two homosexual ‘married’ men and two elderly heterosexual unmarried sisters. Both couples live together in their respective homes.

"If the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is repealed, the two homosexual men will be able to receive tax breaks for health care, pension, and disability benefits, insurance benefits if one or both is a federal government employee, Social Security survivors' benefits, spouse exclusion for estate taxes, and the ability to file a joint tax return.

"The two elderly sisters get none of the above. Until 1973, the APA considered homosexuality a mental disorder. I guess today it is a benefits program."


“Apparently those who oppose the location of the new high school haven’t come up with any data to present for another location. They at least are not identifying themselves to the public."

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