An improvement

“I remember when this community celebrated tobacco. It was a big cash crop, despite the fact that it was a killer. Funny how money can shade the truth but no better example than the tobacco factor.

"I’m not sure if we learned or if we just evolved from that mentality. But after years of being severely beaten about the head and shoulders with medical science, tobacco is hardly even grown around here any more and our health is much the better for it. Of course ignorance still has its place among us and some will go to their graves hacking and coughing."


“Being a health enthusiast, many thanks for the recent news stories and opinion pieces on tobacco smoking. I grew up in a home breathing unfiltered cigarette smoke. To this day, the smell of a cigarette makes me want to vomit. I made sure my kids did not grow up that way."


“A shooting in Omega? Are we now outsourcing some of our degenerates?"

Dumb questions

“So, "me too" apparently thinks women reporters are to stupid to ask intelligent questions to football players? You do know they are asking the questions their male director requires right? Let's focus on the answer given by the male player. Now that was intelligent, right? Is your wife barefoot and pregnant?"

No surprise

“So the female sports commentators ask dumb questions? Well consider that they are asking dumb jocks. This comment doesn’t surprise me coming from such a male chauvinist community."

Born unhappy

“I read this rant the other day; "Nothing that President Obama can do will ever make this Tea Party person happy." I would like to add: I have a lot of friends and family who stay glued to Fox and Rush, and repeat every word like parrots. None of them have ever been happy before Obama either, I mean its like those types were born unhappy, and keep trying their best to stay negative and unhappy."

Not me

“Are you kidding, I will not speak up because I fear for my life. If you do call the police to report a problem, the first thing they ask is what is your name. I want give my name because I don't know if the police are honest.

"Some of the police might have ties to the drug dealers in town. If you want people to speak up, when they do call take the information and check it out. Drug dealers will take you out because they know that they have more power then the police in Moultrie."

Crime stoppers?

“So why don’t we start on of those ‘crime stopper’ programs in Moultrie. I think we have a lot of raw product to work with here. Could we have discourse on this subject?"

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