I gave up on it

“So why all of the talk about smoking already. I’ve got a friend that smokes and I’ve tried to get him to quit for years. He says when it’s his time, then it’s his time. He does believe that one can shorten or lengthen his life by his habits. Well, I’ve tried and I’m not beating my ahead against the wall anymore."

Pipeline explodes

“Did you see the footage of that gas pipeline explosion in Canada on the U.S. border? It looked like bombs had been dropped. And they’re talking about running another gas line through our county? I’m opposed to it. I hope others will speak up. Go on the internet and look up that explosion. You can see the potential for disaster."

Caution light

“Didn’t there use to be a caution light at the intersection where that couple was killed? So maybe the Department of Transportation could tell us why it’s not there anymore. Someone in official capacity please ask them why."

Be safe

“Okay people, road conditions are expected to be bad on Wednesday. Please take extra precaution. Be safe."

Like that look

“Rode by the notorious ‘Hole’ today. It looked like a ghost town. I like that look. Let’s keep harassing these thugs until they leave town."

Beating bad guys

“I would like to point out that one can provide law enforcement information and remain anonymous. I’ve done  it more than once. Please be aware though that in this country you have to have proof before arrests can be made. I’ve heard people say ‘They know who’s dealing, why don’t they just lock them up?’ Well you can’t beat ignorance with more ignorance. Your information may or may not lead to an arrest. But it may be a piece of a bigger puzzle. Too many people are just plain ignorant of the law. Educate yourselves and help us beat the bad guys."

You're right

“You’re right about the violence in the video games. So many of them are about car chases, blowing people up, shooting people, etc. Not only that, some of this sick rap music is sadistic. Little kids hear this stuff and watch these videos. They grow up thinking this is how people should act. The next thing you know, they are involved in some tragic event."


“I want to offer my applause to the Man, Woman and Agribusinesss Person of the Year recently announced at our chamber banquet. It’s people like these who bring us leadership, improvements and stability. Of course they represent many more who do the same and we are fortunate to have so  many in our community."

Filthy rap

“Just stopped at a convenience store. Heard some of the filthiest rap music I’ve ever heard. And their as a young kid in that car."

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