“Now let’s see. If we go to rollout garbage cans, are we talking about using them in the elite sections of town as well, or just among us commoners?"

Enjoyed it

“Mr. Walden, I enjoyed your Sunday column. But I’ve never heard of persimmonade. By the way, I also watch ‘Justified’ and I wonder how the chamber off commerce in Kentucky feels about the backwoods image portrayed in that series."


“I recently attended a varsity girls soccer game and could not believe how unprofessional the coach was on the sidelines. He yelled and kicked water coolers over like a child having a temper tantrum. Coaches are supposed to set examples for young players, not bully them. It should be seen as an embarrassment for our school system."

What next?

“Mr. Leigh is a brave man speaking out against the corruption in our city government. Cronyism is alive and well in Colquitt County. Unfortunately, we don't have to look to Washington. Yes, the city purchased a vacant lot for over 700,000 and now are putting money into a park that we do not need. Can we expect our taxes to go up? They tried to double them a few years ago just after the purchase of the lot. What next?"

At it again

“Yep, our city leaders are at it again. They buy an empty lot that we don't need to build a park that we don't need. They buy a car lot for city maintenance, but tear up the parking lot to plant grass, which cost money! Where will that come from. Oh yea, taxpayers! We need to replace all of them."

Living in the past

“Holding a service honoring Confederate soldiers on the courthouse square shows our community is living in the past. The confederacy only represents four years of our history. Why are we so hung up on continuing to honor them 150 years later? The war was about state’s rights, namely the right to own slaves. It’s a contentious issue and we need to move on."

In response

“Regarding the in ground collectors. 1)They are not subject to winds and blow all over the neighborhood 2) they are not run over by cars when left in the street.3) They do not advertise the owner is not home by laying at the collection point inviting thieves to break in. 4) tax savings for any project are spun the way the government wants them to be to support their program.

"After the project is completed and the savings few you can't go back and resume in ground. 5) most in ground are at homes of long term residences who vote. Mayor and council members remember that and rethink this before being turned out of office."

Sex offenders

“I went online and looked. It’s amazing how many sex offenders we have right here in our community."


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