I recall

“Mr. Walden, I recall the Majestic diner in Atlanta. I used to eat breakfast there occasionally. I’m totally surprised that it’s still operating. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

Water bill

“Better keep tabs on your water bill. If you notice a higher price on your bill, you better get it checked. We don't use that much water, yet our bill was almost double of what it would normally been. Turns out our meter was either not read or misread. City workers, if you cannot read the meter, do not guess. Clean it off and read it."


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the County Commission for the work and efforts that have been done over the years to make Colquitt County’s livestock barn one of the best in the area. However its time to do more, the livestock barn needs to be air conditioned. Most of the show rings in our area are now cooled. I would like to ask Chairman Alderman to make this a priority, to be done ASAP and for the commissioners to support this effort. Our youth that show livestock sure deserve this. Thanks."

Don't understand

“I've noticed a trend in the rants over the past few days. People don't seem to understand government, insurance, immigration law, and economics. I think its time for adult education programs. PSA's may be good for the TV crowd."

Seniors' plight

“The Republicans are fighting to cut Medicare and Social Security. Seniors are your mothers, fathers, grandparents. They have worked all their lives and earned this money; One day you will be a senior. If we say no now, the thieves in Congress will get the money elsewhere.

Let the rich pay their fair share of the taxes. I pay taxes on every dollar I earn so should they. Please fight for your seniors and your future."

Illegal workers

“Please tell me how farmers pay in taxes for their illegal workers without the workers having U.S. social security numbers?"


“So how many football players total have we imported for this next season? Just curious."

Statue issue

“The roundabout looks just fine without a Confederate statue in he middle. But if you do insist on something, I like the idea of honoring the Native Americans ... you know, the ones who originally owned this property. Or how about us having a statue of a slave picking cotton to honor their hard work in making Southern plantation owners rich."

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