Me, too

“Yea, I been wondering about that shooting incident myself. It’s like it just went away."


“Today I saw the police breaking laws they would write tickets for. City Police Car number 13 was not wearing his seatbelt, did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign and was not using his turning signal. Police thinking they are above the law, needs to stop! Citizens need to hold police officers accountable for their actions."

Good news

“The booming start of the Christmas shopping season is good news for everyone, with the possible exception of some Republican stalwarts."


“Just read where the American public is gaining more confidence in the economy. I hope this is correct. However, I don’t think there’s any confidence gained by our Congress."


“I want to applaud The Observer’s sports department Mr. Wayne Grandy for his coverage of our youth in this community. He does a great job."


“There goes the Occupy movement. As of today they go from a confused left wing protest to a rioting anarchy. Already there is violence erupting and 4 police officers are in the hospital having had something thrown in their faces. Yesterday they threatened to burn down New York and throw Molotov’s at Macys.

"Their right to freedom of speech in this venue ends with the violence. It is time for New York to clean up the mess before those Molotov’s actually start flying.

"New York needs to hold the individual protesters personally responsible and publically accountable for any act of violence. Harm an officer you get sued until that college loan looks like petty cash."

The Cain issue

“Wonder how much those women are getting paid to come out of the woodwork against Herman Cain?"


“It is a very pathetic state of affairs when money, football and coaching are more valued in this country than a young child and morality. And if Penn State’s Sandusky thinks his shower hijinks was just horsing around, he is going to love prison."


“Taxes would not have to be raised if the money that is collected in the courts was put to good use. Then a man gets 40 days for shoplifting and the women who stole from the credit union gets only 7 days. Justice is really blind in Moultrie. I forgot the other people are of another race."


“Anxious to see if the senators respond to your editorial."

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