“I read the ranters comment about Pat Buchanan no towing the line to GOP thoughts although he’s an ultraconservative. You may have noticed that he also is against us getting involved in all of these world conflicts. I’ll go along with that."

I'm a patriot

“Sometimes when I read letters and rants and raves in the newspaper, it seems to be implied that if you are not a veteran, then you don’t love your country. Well, I am not a veteran. I do love my country. I willingly pay my taxes. I respect our soldiers. I deplore the fact that we sacrifice them in sewers like Afghanistan and Iraq. I confirm my patriotic nature every April 15."

In response

“So Mr. Morton...I guess incest was ok? Since we supposedly came from Adam and Eve. If they procreated and then their children must of procreated with each other? Bible was created to put fear in man for their behavior. We need to use science also. Several theories the the Bible suggest there was also flying sauces and giant lizards and science has proven the giant lizard theory! We needs more acceptance in this world! Just remember that the Bible was created by man...mere mortals. If those people has seen a Bic lighter it would have been a religious revolution!"

Tax increase

“In response to ‘Struggling.’ Also, anyone thought about big ticket items like cars? The price of a new car will go up several hundred dollars with this new tax, sending car sales elsewhere. Then we also lose the 7 percent sales tax dollars on the sale, further hurting the county's tax revenue.

"This will be the largest tax increase in state history."

Cause and effect

“Okay, if we don’t vote in the TSPLOST, then Hwy. 133 won’t be four-laned. But, ad valorem taxes won’t go up to widen that road. It just simply won’t be widened."

Worth a shot

“For all of the folks complaining about the Spence Field Runway. Take a ride down to Lake City, Fla. and look at the Cargo planes that fly in and out of there. Longer runway could possibly help us down the road! Worth a shot!"

I'll vote yes

“Everyone Is saying NO to the T-SPLOST. If the T-SPLOST doesn’t pass. look for your property tax to go up to make up for the loss. This is what Thomasville said they would do if it didnt pass there and Colquitt County will do the same. I vote yes and let the visitors and people who dont own property help pay to."


“If we don’t approve TSPLOST, we will be punished when it comes to  matching state road funds. That match goes up to 30 percent from 10 percent."

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