Good point

“Mr. Walden’s column about the asteroid is a good point. Here we are fighting amongst ourselves when God could sling one of those big rocks at us to get our attention."

Changes needed

“Our school board needs to get more involved in the educational process (hiring, dismissal, no more part time or full time rehired retired teachers and administrators, with the exception of short term and long term subbing, credentials and character of all employees,unexpected visitation to schools and teacher classrooms, keeping teacher's salaries more in line with administrators.)              

"There is a huge discrepancy now ( All administrators should serve as classroom teachers (with classroom teacher pay once every 5 years). Administrators seem to loose touch with the everyday activities of the classroom teacher."


“I would like to thank the couple who played Santa and Mrs. Santa Thursday evening in front of the Pine Ridge store. It was very thoughtful of you to do that for the kids in our community, seeing that the city does not have anything for them. We appreciate having you in our community, and our kids loved it. Thank you again."


“I, Vickie Graham, wish to thank the person who wrote about my being a good teacher. It was a pleasure serving the students and parents of Colquitt County and left me with memories that I will forever cherish. Your compliment gave me joy in my heart and was a wonderful Christmas present."


“I've been reading the pros and cons recently about pitbulls in Moultrie. I've heard those who say these dogs are safe unless they are taught to be vicious. I've also heard claims that there have been no attacks locally so this is another justification for owning these dogs.

"Just because there's been nothing printed in this newspaper doesn't mean there's been no attacks. I was attacked by two of these dogs while I was defending an animal they had just killed. If this hadn't been their first taste of blood I would have been in a lot of trouble.

"I got lucky and was able to chase them off without being bitten. The owner of these dogs could have been responsible for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of liability. He got lucky this time. This was not reported in the paper and I wonder how many other attacks go unreported."

No rebuttal

“I see no one has rushed to rebut the editorial about the Intermodal Facility being a microcosm of what’s wrong with government. So you must be on track about the validity of this project. So will this become a very expensive joke for our community? Indeed is it our bridge to nowhere?"

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