History Channel

“Has the history 'minor' watched the History Channel lately? There is no history on the History Channel. HC is now all about ice road truckers, pawn shops, UFOs, monsters, and mysteries.

"It is has turned into just another reality network for the viewing pleasure of the increasingly dumbed down public"

No more power

“We do not need to give the president any more power than he has already. Political favors already dominate their decisions.

"These favors are used to give bail outs, stimulus,etc, to pay back debts to those who contribute big to their campaigns.

"Buying votes is already a big problem, and more power for them to spend as they please would only make it worse. Cutting out programs would be a new avenue to manipulate their agenda."

Drunk drivers

“Insane" I wonder do you know what MADD stands for? It is Mothers against Drunk Drivers. Mothers. Thank God someone is looking out for our children. There is no reason why someone has to drink and drive. NO reason. Call a cab, a friend or even the police. Stay where you are, don't drive. Give your keys to someone before you get drunk.

"The reason it stays on your record for life is because you shouldn't be drinking and driving at all, not hoping you don't get caught."


“Obesity affects about one third of our U.S adult population and costs about 270 billion a year resulting in of an increased need for medical care and the loss of worker productivity.

"Our country, with the help of Congress, can save money by addressing this problem in our youth before they become obese/ overweight adults."

Help the cops

“Please help the police catch the person who raped the 70 year old lady. Don't sit back and let him get away with this horrible crime.

"If you know anything no matter how small please let the police know or better yet let her kin folk have a crack at him."

Their failure

“I just read a political scientist's summary of the Super Committee's failure to reach a deal: 'The failure of the super committee is not just a failure of 12 members of Congress, who I believe genuinely tried to cut a deal but were rebuffed by their party leaders. It is a failure of political leadership on both sides of the partisan aisle.

"'Both parties chose their own electoral livelihoods over the good of the country, and it is outright shameful. ... This might be the most self-serving, mediocre and uncaring set of legislators in Congress in the last 50 years.'

"I couldn't have expressed my opinion any better than this.

"A dadgum shame our elected representatives couldn't come to an agreement.

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