“Mitt Romney pictures a national economic paradise if he is elected president, then sets businesses free of bureaucratic bondage and high taxation. Funny, but George W. Bush had the same idea.. But he doubled the national debt to $10 trillion and left the economy in a shambles not seen since the Great Depression."

Obama's desire

“So the Obama Administration wants to ban children from working on their family farms. I guess the president is planning on dropping the voting age down to age 7."

The video

“You say that the boys recording video should be punished, but what did they do wrong? Creating the video has made a lot of people aware of something that would have gone unnoticed. Even if the boys' video was intended to mock the victim, it has obviously helped the community deal with a problem."


“Islam is no more violent than Christianity. Christianity uses the Bible and the rifle to conquer people all over the world. It not the religion that is violent, it is the people who make up the religion."

Mitt bashing

“Lots of Mitt bashing in the paper this week. Folks must have finished their Sunday School lesson early, and used the time to write rants to the local paper."

The picnic

“Anybody catch Mitt Romney’s picnic with some middleclass Republicans in Pennsylvania the other day. Despite an unfortunate incident with some cookies he had a more difficult time when these regular folks started talking about it being alright to raise their taxes.

"They explained to Mitt that the stimulus money did a good job of preventing teachers, policemen and firemen from being laid off but the money had run out and they acknowledged the need for higher taxes to pay for essential services. Remember Mitt thinks the stimulus money didn't work. Fact is, the hard core base might think this country can fight a war, defend the country and pay for essential services with no tax relief but apparently these good folks in Pennsylvania know different."

The hounds

“Will the same people who hounded Obama about where he was born also hound Mitt on his offshore bank accounts?"


“One can agree with most of what the editor said about the pipeline, but please leave Hightower out of it. He's a socialist and hates anything American."


“Yesterday I drove by the Intermodal to take a look. I have to admit, it sure is a pretty thing.

"Maybe it was mostly meant as a beautification project."

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