G-7 meetings

“President Obama is meeting with the G-7 leaders. Can you name all of the G-7? I try but I always forget Bashful. When Obama meets with the G-7, it must be fun for him to put faces with the voices he hears on the wiretaps."


“It would be so much simpler to just abandon the fight against performance enhancing drugs. Make steroids mandatory for all professional sport athletes. We are paying top dollar for entertainment so put on a show."

Social media

“To my friend who continues to invite me to join social media sites, you're a very nice person but the details of your life aren't that interesting and neither are mine."


“Finding a job these days is tough. To make things easier on employers, I include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and rejection letter with my resume."

In response

“n response to Suggestion. It's not about people wanting to become police, it's about how police are ignorant to the law and do as they wish. Law enforcement has run rampant with abuses to our Bill of Rights and have no workable knowledge of the law to enforce.

"When an informed citizen knows more about the law than the ones who are supposed to know it, it shows you what they are really teaching in the police academy, which is absolutely nothing about being a public servant, but enforcement of code they deem fit to enforce and to shoot at pop up targets that look like mom and dad."

Vaccine retort

“To: ‘Anti-Vaccine Issue’. Okay, show me the logic on how your vaccinated children are threatened by non-vaccinated children? Aren't those immunizations supposed to prevent those sort of illnesses from happening?

"If you are so intelligent, why don't you read the ingredients in those life saving vaccinations and tell all of us when Thermasol, a.k.a. mercury, is any way healthy for a developing immune system in children. Instead of jumping on a bandwagon and expect your words to have credulity, do your research on how these carcinogens harm your children, rather than helping them."

School issue

“School has been in, in Doerun, for about seven months, and it appears there are still some parents that do not know where the school is located, nor how to get there.

"The lawns and driveways, located along the staging route, are not your turn around places to get in the pickup line.

"We don’t go to your house and drive on your lawn, please don’t drive on ours."

Guns in church

“Defending guns in church? Wow! Now let’s all get together and sing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers.”

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