“Does anyone else besides me say ‘hmmmmmm’ when someone reports ‘electronic benefits card(S) and 4 social security card(S) stolen?’ My ‘Sumpinswronghere’ radar went off!"


“Just wondering, racially divided, is your answer to racial equality in the schools to have students bused all the way out to Hamilton? Makes a lot of sense."

In response

“I don't even know the school superintendent or if he is looking for another job; but with Moultrie ‘belly achen’ and complaining about everything that moves, or moves to slow (baseball); can you blame him, looking for a job elsewhere?"

Guns in church

“Why would any ‘thinking person’ think that you are safe from criminals just because you are in church, that is moronic. Criminals love gun free zones, they can do what they want because liberal idiots think just because there is a law that guns aren't allowed that criminals will respect that, wake up and start really thinking with some common sense."

Go figure

“In my younger years I would never have imagined that we would be buying water in bottles and debating carrying guns to church."

Race and schools

“About the comment about the schools being racially divided. The majority of the population that lives near each school are one race. Look at your surrounding."

Football is king

“I’ll tell you why the baseball players from two state championship games got only token honors. It’s because football is king."

Life goes on

“When the county went to roll-out cans from dumpster every was mad we had no say so. They dropped them off at our house and life went on.. really it went on the sun still shines the grass still grew and taxes were still due December 10th somehow we managed

I am pretty sure there are elderly folks in the county and they some how get their cans to the road."

Safe questions

“I’m pretty sure that any questions asked to candidates in the upcoming forum will be ‘safe’ questions."

Don't see it

“I still don’t think local politics such as city council and county commission should be partisan with primaries. How can we see roads, bridges and streets as being Democrat or Republican?"


“Congratulations to Coach Jim Hughes on his induction into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame last Saturday. That is truly a Packer-Point-of-Pride!"


“Thanks to those who will sponsor the political forum."

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