The season

“Okay, we’re getting on into summer with football just around the corner. It’s time to hear complaints about the coaching staff, ticket prices, imported players as well as the band and cheerleaders not getting enough credit."

Gay marriage

“Since 25% of the states now have marriage equality as law, I expect the Supreme Court will find that once married anywhere in the US, then one would be married everywhere in the US. The South can go kick and scream or get with the program. And please leave religion out of it; we all know your opinions on this topic."


“Board of Education, you can let the new superintendent know that he cannot just come into our county and appoint people to positions who are not even qualified. You can slap his hand and reject his recommendations for the assistant principal positions. The principals should be able to interview from the list of qualified applicants."

The child

“The state and federal programs that the ranter referred to will also protect and serve the children of gay couples. Why should the child of a same sex household not have these same benefits as any other child? Gay couples pay taxes just the same as straight couples."

AP factor

“Is the ranter saying that all schools in Colquitt County are not AP? If they aren't there should be something done about the situation. That means our children are suffering. Maybe that is why we have the new gifted program. By the way, where will that be located?"

In response

“This is for ‘What I hear’, which in itself explains part of your problem understanding. Get the facts, not hearsay.

"So you want the new gifted elementary school classes to reflect ‘the diversity of our community’. The whole concept of having gifted children in a classroom with other gifted children is so they will be challenged and stimulated intellectually. Racial make-up has nothing to do with it. If you would like your child to attend a gifted class, then perhaps you should work with your child to bring their grades up and work harder."

Your recourse

“If you think the cost of your Packer football tickets is too high, don’t buy them. There are plenty of people that would love to have your seats."


“It is great that so many of our local churches have vacation Bible school in the summer time.

"But next year, please spread them out and have them in July too!

"Maybe by doing so, more kids could go to more and go to different churches! Just a thought!"

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