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“Here’s an idea. The president should tell the House and Senate that they won’t get paid until the debt ceiling issue is settled. Also consider withholding pension payments."

Norman Park

“Bad enough Norman Park residents were forced to go on city sewage and our septic tanks busted but we are extremely over-charged for sewage. How is it that the sewage bill can be up to $30 and $40 more than the water bill? Ripping the residents off because they know we can't afford to leave. I used to praise Norman Park but not anymore. I discourage people from moving there."

No substance

“Walden’s columns are elementary and without substance."

Workers comp

“Teachers! Remember to be covered under Workers Comp insurance you have to be on payroll and if you work on furlough day you are not on payroll. What happens if you fall from ladder putting up posters and break your back?"

Be fair

“As a retired teacher, I only earn $76 a day subbing.

"I would like to return to part time (49%) and full time (100%) pay too.

"I think all retired teachers should be given this opportunity, or only allow retired teachers to sub like me. Be fair and consistent.

End the fuss

“To end the fuss about the new roundabout, how about we just put a flower bed and welcome to Moultrie sign."

Cut and dried

“When will our school board actually do something? Board meeting are cut and dried. All business has already taken place prior to the meeting. It is more or less a social event and ego builder for board members.

"It is time for change."

Good things

“I have only good things to say about CRMC billing. Since a health issue several years ago, I have had almost an ongoing account. Each time I received my balance due, I go ahead and call to setup payments.

"My statement, which does come from Atlanta, shows I agree to pay so much on a certain date. Even then, if I can't pay, it says to call the CRMC office for assistance,so I make those calls and stay in touch. I am very thankful for CRMC billing and their professional staff."

Safety issue

“People, please get off your cell phones and quit texting while driving. To the lady who almost side swiped me on First, and then proceeded to swerve the whole way down to the bypass, next time you just might hit someone or something."

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