Such irony

“There’s just so much irony in politics. Mr. Romney doesn’t really care much for all our migrants. Yet,  so many Republicans here in Colquitt County depend on Hispanic migrants for their livlihood and will vote for Romney. When the smoke clears folks, it’s about money."

Simple courtesy

“Has the simple courtesy of dimming your headlights on the bypass gone by the wayside just like the distasteful use of turn signals?"

In response

“Great letter Mr. Leigh. What you said is very true that extracurricular activities are a big positive for our kids.

"However, those who keep posting academics and football at the opposite end of the spectrum just don’t like football and the attention it gets. They are jealous. They keep saying if the school system put as much attention on academics as it does football, yadda, yadda, yadda.

"Well it’s the community that sees the benefits and applies this attention. Saturday I watched a young man from Moultrie (Cameron Irvin) make some outstanding plays for the FSU Seminoles. He likely will do well as a pro. Oh well, I don’t expect us to convince that small crowd but football will go on and kids and adults will enjoy it and grow from it. It’s not a sin nor against the law to have fun in this venue."


“Boudleaux Bryant was born in Shellman, Ga. and not Moultrie. Boudleaux and his wife did live in Moultrie for a good while.

Can't wait to see the Smithsonian Exhibit at the Arts Center."

Our children

“It may take a community to raise a child, however it takes that same community to keep them safe. If you see our youth acting crazy, correct them! If we all help take care of the kids in our community maybe in turn they will help another that needs it. We have too many without fathers, mothers, grandmas and grandpas. I myself have no issues in helping a child in need. It gives me a great sense of happiness and to think I may help a child out, there is no greater satisfaction."


“Thanks to the Moultrie Fire Department for showing the preschool from the Presbyterian Church around the department on Thursday. My two-year-old grandson is still talking about it. The firemen even slid down the pole for them. Of course, then my grandson wanted to slid down that pole and wanted to go to Walmart to buy him one!

"The firemen got down on their level and talked with them about fire and fire safety. Thanks so much. You did a great job!"

Thank you

“To the lady at WalMart on Friday who helped pay for the groceries so I would not have to put anything back, thank you so much. You will never know what that meant to our family. May God bless you."

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