Souse meat

“Mr. Walden. You have referred to souse meat in your columns on several occasions. I have heard of it all my life but never tried it. So I tried it. I’m going to say that I think it’s an acquired taste. And I’m not sure that I will be successful at acquiring it. I will probably try it again because I try to be open-minded about these things. So my question to you, were times really that hard when you were growing up on the farm."

Think about it

“The Republican party wants you to think the Obama adminstration is engaged in unprecedented attacks on your civil rights by requiring you to buy health insurance. I've got two questions. Do you live in the state of Georgia? Do you own an automobile? If you answered yes to both these questions you probably know what I'm going to say next. You are required by law to buy automobile insurance.

"Now how is that different from the Republican claims of dictatorial mandates. Why aren't there cries of repeal and replace when it comes to this law? Don't let the Republican party use these scare tactics. Check out Obamacare for yourself. Trust me the last thing the Republicans are worried about are your civil rights."

Not socialists

“The ‘occupy’ people are not socialists, they are Americans who are tired of being told what they want to hear and not getting what they have been promised."

They are elected

“Here’s a note to you complainers: Superior Court Judges are elected. Now many of them get appointed after another retires during his term and has the advantage of incumbency when election time comes. But perhaps this is something the public should get passionate about. Maybe you should seek out and promote candidates for these jobs."

What plan?

“Has anybody heard the Republican plan to create jobs? I was just wondering. The only thing I've heard is deregulation and tax cuts. I don't know about you but a tax cut ain't going to do you much good if you don't have a job.

"Then there's this obsession they have with regulations. You know, like making sure your food is safe to eat. That didn't seem to be a real priority with the Bush administration. Remember the two peanut butter plants in south Georgia that had to be close because of salmonella contamination."

Now it's fun

“I’m really enjoying watching the Republicans try to find a front runner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not impressed with Obama. I just like to watch the holier-than-thou Republicans throwing charges at one another. You might call it lan uncivil war. It’s kind of like the Jerry Springer Show. You have clowns on stage and before getting there their closets of skeletons rattle loudly. You would think they were Democrats."

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