Enjoyed it

“Mr. Walden, enjoyed the column on Pluto. Humorous and informative. I guess I had never thought about how long it took for this ‘planet’ to orbit the sun. And yes, I know some of those flat-earth people and I’ve too considered what a great contrast in intelligence we have here on the earth. In fact I get reminded of it quite often when I listen to members of Congress speak."

Lack of parents

“Well you’ve got a point. Parents are ultimately the factor in producing well-rounded kids who will not embrace a violent mentality. Unfortunately many kids don’t have that strong  family base from which to derive proper values and instructions. And of course we cannot force people to be good parents. So addressing many of our societal problems is not such a simple task as saying that the parents are the answer."

Extended costs

“I want to weigh in on the tobacco issue. Keep in mind that medical research as well established that smoking is a health hazard is deadly to many. Also keep in mind that the burden of caring for many of these health needs often falls upon the public as taxpayers. There is also the issue of second-hand smoke where children are often exposed to these toxins. Let’s face it, cigarette smoking offers nothing good and delivers much which is bad. I don’t care how high it’s taxed."


“I’m wondering just how much this proposed pipeline benefits the average citizen. Is it a benefit to us in terms of the price of energy? If it’s coming through here, let’s make sure it’s buried deep."

Not used to it

“Who would have thought that a city in the deep South would be the focus of the weather news. Atlanta is pretty much locked down. I think the crux of the issue is the simple fact that down here we don’t deal with such severe weather often enough that we learn how to live with it."

Good people

“Recent adverse weather has brought out the good people. It's heart-warming to read the stories of people who helped strangers during Atlanta's snow crisis."


“When the fellow, who was stranded in his car, on I-75, said to the reporter, "Someone needs to be held accountable for this", perhaps he should start by looking at the picture on his Drivers License."

Someone to blame

“Inclement weather happens. Why is it that human beings are always wanting to find someone to blame for the complications? They want to sue someone. Mother Nature will always have the last word."

In response

“I don’t think old men wearing their pants low will make younger men pull theirs up. Besides, old men can’t walk at all if theirs are down.

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