For Sept. 26

How much?

"How much is the new DFACS building costing the taxpayers of this county?

"And what was wrong with the old building? If more room was needed, why wasn't the old Governmental Building considered?"

My question

"I understand that more men to police our area is probably needed, but when you see them in groups sitting side by side talking it puts a bad taste in your mouth.

"Also why are they allowed to have meal times together? If there are only 4, wouldn't it be better to take meal breaks one at the time.

"I have often wondered what would happen if the bank was robbed at 5 a.m. when all the policemen are at their favorite spot on the Thomasville Highway. Is there a problem there every morning that calls for their assistance?

"I also wonder why they sit in the shadows at Sunset School?"

Poor parenting

"Schools are undertaking the task of offering rewards to kids for going to school. We have fallen to the point where we now have to pay them off.

"Poor parenting, which is the root of the problems in test scores today, is also to blame here."

'No voters' issue

"Will all the 'non-business owners' stop telling the 'no-voters' to shop out of the county.

"We don't need the county divided, or hurt over this tax issue. Thanks."


"All that talk about people shopping out of town because of our local politics is mostly hogwash. This is crybaby stuff.

"If you took all those people who say they do this and actually extracted those who followed through, you could put them in a snuff can and shake them and they would sound like a grain of rice in a 50-gallon drum. Obviously, there is some out-of-town shopping. There always has been and there always will be. It's human nature.

"You might notice that people from other towns shop here as well. Even people who own businesses here shop out of town sometimes and that's not unique to Moultrie and Colquitt County."


"I, too, agree that the motorized wheelchairs are dangerous on the streets. I truly feel for these people who must use them. I want them to be as mobile and active as possible.

"However, that does not remove the danger element.

"If an ATV or a golf cart is dangerous on the road, then I can't see how a motorized wheelchair is any different. Where is the liability in this issue?"

Services cost

"Keep in mind, when you talk about more deputies and more policemen then you are talking about more government costs.

"These people have to be paid and that relates to taxes. If you want services, they don't come for free. So bear in mind that some folks think we can operate government with magic and they will protest reality. And to the person who wants to pay his taxes to other communities, will you ask them to provide you services also?"

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