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Need help here

"I, too, agree that Second Street Southeast used to be a nice quiet street to live on. Yes, the dogs here bark day and night. I can't get much rest nor does my family. Someone thinks this street is NASCAR row. We need some attention here from law enforcement."

Champions sign?

"I was just wondering when the 2003 state championship sign for baseball will be put up with the 97 baseball and 94 football championships as you enter Colquitt County."

Should be simple

"The smoking issue just seems so simple to me. Anyone can refrain from smoking long enough to have dinner.

"Anyone with common courtesy should not smoke in an enclosed place knowing there is non-smokers.

"Why do we need a law for people to consider others. I hate cigarette smoke and the people close to me do not smoke in my car nor my house.

"I don't have to ask them not to. It comes down to respect for other people. We all have habits. Doesn't mean others have to suffer for them. We can refrain from smoking in church or any public place without being made do so."

Slow killer

"I'd like to comment about the smoking issue causing no wrecks ---true, very true. But smoking is a slow, very slow killer so you can't compare it to car accidents.

"And no one getting injured in a car accident affects me unless I'm in that car, but not so with smoke -- it affects everyone around the smoker.

"If I put a slow killing poison in someone's drink or food they call it murder when that person dies as a result of poisoning. So what do they call it when second-hand smoke kills a non-smoker? Smoking in public doesn't make any sense, period!"

In response

"To the person who said Bush scares you. I think you need to be scared of John Kerry because if he gets into office he will do away with our military and raise our taxes to about $900 billion dollars a year. John Kerry voted for the war in Iraq. But when it came time to vote on sending our military body armor John Kerry voted against that. I ask you do you want a person who thinks he can run America or do you want a person who is qualified to run America?"

Highly trained

"Vereen houses Pathways Psychoeducational center. This is for kids with severe emotional disorders. So Vereen is the place for students to go so they do not interfere with others' educational performance and get the help they need. Staff at Pathways are highly qualified in how to use restraint that does not hurt a child and to know when it is needed. Please educate yourself before you pass judgement."

What if?

"What if those staff members at Vereen School had not secured that student? And let's suppose that student had hurt someone else or himself/herself during whatever issue had come about.

"Now, would you be ranting about what appeared to be too much force or because they did not secure that student? And then think about this: If you are going to chance error, which one do you suggest?"

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