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In response

"If the people who complained about the Ten Commandments showed up for church on Sunday they would be violating the 4th Commandment. And to the ranter who said that astrology is for entertainment, showed that the or she, in fact, lacks Biblical discernment.

"Some people do believe in reading the signs before making important decisions. And the Lord is very explicit in saying that this is not to be done. The other ranter did not take it out of context. There was just better scripture that could have been used."

Greatly missed

"Mr. Jack Mcdurman will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful man of God, that when he saw you he would shake your hand and make you feel good about yourself. He has done so much for so many people. Thank you Jack for your kindness and for being such a wonderful person."


"To all the children who ask if there is a Santa, never listen if you are told there isn't. I know there is.

"I have had a lot of hard times and could not buy any thing for my children but they always had a good Christmas. Just because there is not one man that can go around the world in one night does not mean there is no Santa.

"If there is no Santa then where do all the gifts come from for all those children who have very little?

"The people out there that come together to give of their time or money -- they are Santa.

"Santa is not one person but the sprit of all persons. The next time you walk by someone, it could be a Santa.

"As the children grow teach them to care about others and one day they to can be some ones Santa."


"As I look back on 2003, I am very grateful to the Supreme Court and the ACLU for helping to keep our country truly free. Many religious organizations want to violate our constitution and try to force their beliefs on the rest of us. As a student of history, I realize what the results of unchecked religious fanaticism lead to. If you want proof, read about the Inquisition, Crusades or the Dark Ages. For modern examples, look at Iran and Israel."

Read Revelations

"Making excuses for what the Bible teaches us is wrong only fuels the fire that has corrupted this world as we know it today.

"Some people like to transform things into what fits their wants and needs.

"Some people even change denominations because they can't handle the truth.

"Read Revelations. You know, it's that last book in the New Testament."

I take issue

"I would like to take issue with a recent ranter who took a poke at Dr. June's letter to the editor about the morning-after pill.

"She is a doctor and knows what goes on in the human body. She also is an advocate for the unborn child and I appreciate her tenacity in that role."

My thoughts

"Now we're chewing on the Ten Commandments. Here's a thought. The courts did not rule against the Commandments, they ruled against their display as a monument in a courthouse. The Commandments are still with us. 'Seek and ye shall find.'"

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