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"I want to congratulate Jennifer Sellers for a job well done. The Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation Annual Golf Tournament was run flawlessly. Thanks for your hard work, Jennifer."


"We assume the preachers and gospel group live in Colquitt County where they pay property taxes and sales taxes. This gives them the same right to the courthouse square as the festival group who played loud music and sold alcoholic beverages. County commissioners will one day stand before God on this issue."


"About denying a gospel presentation on the courthouse square: Nix it for everyone, or let everyone use it."

No Santa Claus

"Don't forget who grant money comes from. It's from us, not from Santa Claus."

Not cocky

"You say George Bush was cocky in the debate. I say he was confident."

No problem

"I have no problem with flip-flopping if someone corrects a bad decision. If only George Bush had done such, maybe we would not be seeing so many body bags coming home to us."


"The idea that we can impose democracy in a country like Iraq is totally without any understanding of history and culture in a land where fighting has prevailed since the Old Testament. These people are of a tribal mentality and we will not change that overnight or even after many years of sacrificing our soldiers and economy."

Bush record

"Mr. Psalmond. I just read your letter lambasting Kerry on his war record. So let's take a look at Bush's war record. Ooops! He doesn't have one. His records must be lost in the jungles of Alabama. Hee Hee.

"But he does have a record with the Saudis -- you know, those people who helped finance some of his adventures and do have connections to terrorists and 9-11. Oh, but we are talking about substance here and you just want to talk about his role in Vietnam, another great mistake in our history. By the way, Kerry had the courage to oppose such a travesty as did thousands of others."

In response

"Regarding the caller who was concerned about unmarried teachers living together. I agree. Let's dedicate our limited public funds to wipe out this terrible problem. Once that's solved, then maybe we can move on to the less important issues facing our county, like finding $500,000 to fix the methane gas problem at the landfill and the 10,000 tires at the transfer station."

Find and kill?

"Kerry keeps saying he wants to 'find and kill' terrorists. He was in the Senate for 20 years, but we see no record that he made any moves to enforce and step up the 'killing' of the criminals on death row in this country that have terrorized our people for decades."

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