“I’ve been reading this column for quite some time now. I would like to pass along a fact that may have escaped some people. Life is not fair! To think otherwise means that you do not observe life. Also, people are not created equal. If you don’t believe that, visit a children’s hospital."

Some irony

“So we couldn't adopt the dog because they were worried people would take advantage of his looks but they kept him and made him their mascot?! Ironic to me at least he could have a normal life if I got him."

Safety class

“Bouncy houses are dangerous. Children should take a basic safety class before being allowed into bouncy houses. The classes should be held at least two weeks prior to any child to entering a bouncy house. If the bouncy house owner provides million dollar liability coverage for each child, then the class requirement may be dropped."

Breed standards

“Mr. Walden, Dog Shows are about breed standards. Early Breeders had strict standards. It's a show not a field trail or race.Overall structure, if you will. Your story was as funny as a person who talks about country life but has lived in the city for the last 40 years ! Ha! I have over 200 dog show wins."

Hey detective!

“Hey detective Rogers. How about the board members of the Moultrie Housing Authority being paid. Every other volunteer board works for free. Why are these board members paid over $400.00 per month? Shouldn't this money be used for the Housing Authority? What about their benefits? Nobody elected these people to meet once a month or less."

The new park

“Several have said the new park is nice. I hope so. It costs city taxpayers $879,000 for the land. State taxpayers $300,000 for the grant. Who knows how much for city labor and equipment.

 And over $100,000 from private citizens. The city still owes two payments of $87,000 for the land. Anyone have five acres to sell the city for $1.3 milliondollars?"


“As an educator, I wanted to teach my class about Ruby Bridges and segregation. But as I looked out at the students I realized that we are still segregated.

What happened?"

Dipping, chewing

“Yes, how could you tell a coach from Georgia not to dip or chew? Why dipping and chewing people are one of the things for which Georgia is most known."

In response

“For the article in the newspaper about Cox and Stringfellow being failing schools... Those teachers work hard daily to teach the kids.

 It all begins at home with parents! Parents aren't held responsible for anything nowadays."

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