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In response

"To the person who said he's getting more of what he earns because of Bush's tax cuts. He must be in a very high income bracket because no one I know at or below my income level got any tax breaks."

Small percentage

"To the person who made the comment about the new vehicles in the school parking lot, well that is a small percentage of the student body. The poor kids park their vehicles across the road because they can't afford a parking pass and the rest ride the school buses provided for them."


"We seem to always have people who moan about our president. like the people of Israel in the Old Testament we are never happy with whoever we get to rule our land. President Bush is a good Christian man and he is trying to do his best for everyone, not just a few people. So stop bellyaching and start praying and support the man."


"I agree, we don't the government telling us we can't smoke in our own cars. It is time for government to stay out of our business. We already are communist in this regard."

Change coming

"I feel a change coming for Moultrie. It has begun in Atlanta and moved down to Albany. It will soon be in Moultrie. Thank God, it is about time."

Add it all up

"Okay, let's say you got a few dollars back as a tax break ... a very few dollars. Now look at our national deficit and the fact that the state is pretty much in hock. That little break you got will be passed on to your children as a burden. We have the greatest national debt we've ever had, thanks to war we didn't need and a government growth brought by Republicans who fool you into believing that they support less government."


"To the person who remarked about the ATV and parental supervision, do you have children? If so, have some compassion and don't be so quick to judge because one day you might just eat those words! There is no way to watch a child 24 hours a day, and let's face it, accidents happen. It is a tragedy and I pray that I never have to go through that with my children, but if I do I sure don't want some big mouth know-it-all pointing his or her finger at me!"


"We are fortunate that the tractor rig that was stolen and taken on a joy ride did not result in much carnage.

"I want to applaud our local law enforcement for the way they sealed off roads and brought this matter to a safe end. This was a well coordinated effort on their part."

Great effort

"I think it's great that a safety camp is being planned for our youth who may be riding ATVs and subjecting themselves to other dangerous factors.

"Now, it's up to parents to see that their children get this safety training. Of course, there are those who feel it will never happen to them."

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