For March 27

Customer service

"Why is it that no one in customer service or billing at city hall can tell us the current rates for our utilities? Is it because they don't want us to know what we are being charged per ccf or kwh."

SAT issue

"Was Ernest Shanks really involved in the 'SAT scandal' or does the school just need someone to push the blame on? Don't be so quick to believe what you hear. Lies spread quick while the truth lies down humble and seemingly non-existing."

Case of littering

"I just witnessed a mail carrier litter. Someone had left flyers on each of the mailboxes and as this gentleman was delivering the mail, he picked up the flyers, dropped them on the ground outside his vehicle, placed the mail in the mailbox and then proceeded to the next one where he did the same thing again. I think he should have to pick up trash a day or two. If everyone did their part there would be no trash/litter on the roadsides."

Great showing

"Wow! The support for the troops in the war has really done a complete circle in our neighborhood. Thanks so much for your public display of support. Not only is it patriotic, but so beautiful. Thanks, everyone."


"Whether it's this new strain of pneumonia, TB, or West Nile virus, our elderly and babies are especially susceptible. This is just one more reason why illegal aliens need to be stopped at our borders, and all legal immigrants need to be examined for communicable diseases (like they used to be on Ellis Island and elsewhere)."

Great teachers

"I would just like to say how wonderful the teachers are at Williams Middle School. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication."

Matter of pride

"I heard the 'Star Spangled Banner' this morning on the radio, and I wanted to pull over get out and pledge allegiance to our flag.

"That song filled me with so much pride -- pride in our country, our leaders, and the men and women who are over there not to kill, but to help those people.

"Didn't anyone hear that POW say he's not there to kill? What about those that died flying those injured kids to help?

"In the Atlanta Journal this morning there is a picture of our soldiers helping an injured Iraqi soldier.

"When the towers fell there was an e-mail going around that on a certain night we were to go outside light a candle or turn on a flashlight to show our support.

"Why don't we show our men and women who are showing the world what kind of people we really are, ready to help anyone at anytime, that we support them?

"Why can't we pick one day, at noon, all radio stations play the anthem, everyone stop what you are doing, turn to the east and pledge allegiance to our country, our flag and the fathers, mothers. sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters that are over there doing the right thing?"

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