For Sept. 4

Worthless comments

"The Bush twins speaking at the Republican convention proved only one thing and that is George W. has children. Their remarks were worthless."


"This is for the person(s) who think the Confederate monument is looking bad. You really need to get a life --that monument has been there since the 1920s as a memorial to brave men from Colquitt County who answered the call to keep Northern invaders out of the South. It hurts no one by being there. And just so you know, the monument was fully cleaned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans just 10 years ago. Can you say that about the ratty neighborhoods we have in our city?"


"I think John Kerry will have met his match when he actually debates President Bush. Nothing like head to head confrontation."

Bad crossings

"Not only do we have some bad looking structures around our community, we also have some terrible railroad crossings. They will knock your hubcaps and wheelweights off your tires. There is no excuse for it."


"The residents who keep whining about Sumner Road don't attend commission meetings or talk to their commissioner or they would know more about the process and the progress in place to get that road widened in the near future. Do you really care about the road or do you just like to whine?"


"When senior citizens reach retirement age, why don't they retire and give those jobs up to the young adults who need them? Senior citizens are holding these jobs much longer now because they are living longer. Meanwhile, our young adults have to go out of town to seek jobs."

Rights of way

"The only way to address the cars for sale being parked on state rights of way is to get law enforcement out of Atlanta down here. And this will be done."

Laying blame

"I'm tired of hearing parents blaming teachers and administrators for students' poor performances in school. What they need to take a serious look at is their lack of parental responsibility and instilling personal accountability for their children. The poorer performing students drink from the same trough as the better performing students. The opportunities are there."

I agree

"I agree that the garbage fee system has become a comedy. This happens when you don't develop a sound plan and then when you try to appease everyone. The bottom line is, property owners should be responsible for what is happening on their property. They should pay the garbage fee and include that amount in the rent. Maybe because it was so simple, that's why it was overlooked. Meanwhile, I think I'll declare my house a church so I won't have to pay. Remember what the Lord said, 'When two or more or gathered in my name ...'"

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