For Dec. 24

For the record

"For the record. Gas is cheaper right now than in Doerun or Sylvester."

Just awful

"I think that it was awful that attorney Solomon had to spent a night in jail. How many white attorneys have missed a day in court?"

Bag boys

"We should have bag boys to bag our groceries to take them out to the car and return the carts to their proper place. Also, I don't like bagging my groceries, I like to watch the prices being recorded."

Great singing

"Thanks to the people of Faith Baptist Church for the singing of Christmas songs at Magnolia Manor South on Wednesday night. We especially requested Silent Night and you sang it so beautifully. God bless you all."


"It's strange that people are so concerned about the Ten Commandments when we have horoscopes in all our newspapers that are completely ungodly and no one cares."

God bless you

"This is a rave about our fire department. Those men are the best -- the most kind-hearted and compassionate people I know. They came to my house many times to help my husband off the floor and to help him in the car to go for a doctor's appointment. God bless you."

He needs help

"The numbers 666 don't mean anything that you don't assign to them. To suggest that these numerals alone are ungodly or have some spell on them is ignorance."

In response

"About that complaint of the county helping get trucks for the volunteer fire departments: I'm not sure I understood your point except that you thought the action was negative.

"Well, should your house catch on fire and one of these trucks pulls up, please advise them that you thought their lease or purchase or whatever was a bad idea and you would rather rebuild your house.

"But like I said, I didn't completely understand your complaint."


"If everyone who has complained about the Ten Commandments showed up at church Sunday, the congregation would have to vote to enlarge the sanctuary.

"Practicing what you preach rather than displaying it makes our world a better place in which to live."

Need a bus

"Why can't we have a few of those billions of dollars we're sending to Iraq to buy a bus for our veterans so they can get to the veterans hospitals.

"People talk about honoring our veterans and what a good job our soldiers do. Are we talking out of both sides of our mouths?"

I agree

"I agree. Saddam should be tried publicly by Iraqis. That said, let them have him and bring our boys home."


"Why is it that none of the walk-in clinics are open at night or on the weekends?"

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