For Nov. 12

Enjoy them

"To the person who said the Christmas lights are ugly, be ashamed. We have a beautiful town and when the Christmas lights go up, it's extra beautiful.

"So pay a little more on your light bill and enjoy it."

Post the prices

"Since oil is not regulated, why doesn't The Observer post daily gasoline prices in town so we can go to the provider with the lowest prices?"

Great band

"I want to rave about the high school jazz band. I didn't know they had one until I saw them at the Expo and then at the Farm Bureau supper and at homecoming. They were a joy to listen to. Keep up the good work."

I like them

"I pay utilities in the city and I enjoy the Christmas lights. So to the grinch, I say at least we get something for our money that we can enjoy."

Vehicle use

"A county employee has always been designated to answer calls at night for roads and bridges problems. Any department head who is presently driving a vehicle home will be reimbursed for mileage if it is necessary to go out on a call at night.

"Only two department heads have to go out routinely at night. The others hardly ever have to go out on calls at night."

Great experience

"I recently had a wonderful experience at Dr. Kirby Smith and Dr. Basil's office. The office staff was very nice and caring. They could serve as an example for others."

Who is protected?

"I agree with the ranters on domestic abuse. My boyfriend beat me so bad he put me in the hospital.

"When we went to court, he was only charged with simple assault, simple battery and and reckless conduct. He was sentenced to one year but only served six months.

"I was told that he could get more time for violation of his probation than for half killing me.

"The question remains, who is being protected, the victim or the abuser?"

Noles fans

"How about them Noles! Don't worry Noles fans, the Dawgs already took care of Clemson for you."

Not a good place

"Fifth Street Southeast is not a good place to live anymore.

"You can't even put a pot plant on your porch. Children will destroy your flowers at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

"Trash is thrown out routinely. We have lots of crime here."

Plenty of places

"There's plenty of places for Fred's to go into rather than on Fifth Avenue. Moultrie is not anti-business."

Glad they're gone

"I'm glad the license examiner is gone from Moultrie.

"The last time I was there, they were very rude to me.

"I don't miss them."

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