For Aug. 6

We forget

"Once again the anniversary of the beginning World War I -- the war to end all wars -- passed unnoticed. Shame on us how soon we forget."


"In regard to the teacher's meeting on Friday, it was opened with prayer.

"I'm of the Jewish faith and the prayer to God was fine until it brought in Jesus Christ.

"I know I am not on the populist side of that issue. I think prayer can be done without bringing in the personal faith of individuals."

Still our business

"Just as it was our business to know what Clinton did in the White House, it also is our business to know what Cheney and Bush are doing in the White House even though they have done their dead level best to keep all their proceedings secret.

"This includes refusing to tell who was involved in setting our energy policy and refusing to testify separately and under oath to the 9-11 commission.

"We need to stand up and say, 'Tell us what is going on.'"


"When the 9-11 commission released its report and recommendations our president saw no reason to rush to implement these ideas.

"He probably didn't even read them, given that he is not a reader.

"He said 'We need to study them,' meaning someone will have to read them for me and tell me what they say.

"Then when Kerry said we need to implement these recommendations, Bush turns around and says we need to do all this. So who's the leader here."

Rape case?

"So when is the alleged rape case at the courthouse going to be finalized and revealed to the public? I think we need to know. This matter has been really quiet for a couple of weeks now."

Great service

"Thanks for the editorial on pet care. Indeed people should be responsible for their pets. And thanks to the Humane Society. You do a great service."

God's creatures

"Thanks for the comments on pet care. Someone needs to speak up for them. They are God's creatures. Please be responsible."


"Let's concentrate on cleaning up the old Swift property and not worry about the old hospital.

The Swift property will make a nice industrial site. It's on a main entrance into Moultrie. We should adjust our priorities."

In response

"Mr. Walters, which of the Ten Commandments was Clinton using when he had his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Is this what you mean when you say Democrats are pretty open about things like religion?"


"I can understand why big farmers and the rich would vote for George Bush, but I cannot understand why people in the military can vote for Bush -- who wouldn't serve in the military."

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