For May 7

I agree

"I live in the Spence Field area. I totally agree with Mr. Powers' concerns. We do not need a water-using, polluting industry like a chicken processing plant that will hire mostly Hispanics. The EDA can do better than this."

What difference?

"With all the discussion of the Sanderson Farms issue, what is the difference between it, the Cagle's plant in Camilla and the one in Gainesville, Ga."

They go to work

"The reason the Hispanics get these jobs is that they don't sit at home complaining about not having jobs. They go out and work."


"I am not against industry but I am against Sanderson Farms in my back yard sucking up the water and putting pollutants back into the environment."

Choice of words

"It's not good to open your story saying that McIntosh beat the Packers 'as expected.'"

In response

"Mr. Valentino, apparently you haven't been on the Coolsprings Road lately. Take a look and see how big trucks are tearing up our roads."

Beautiful flowers

"Praise for the state Highway Department for those beautiful wildflowers on the Veterans Parkway. You did a good job."


"Lack of county zoning is about to make its point. You wanted rows of repossesed trailer homes ... now you get rows of chicken coops."

Vocal minority

"The people on Hwy. 37 that are protesting Sanderson are the vocal minority.

"Those that realize the importance of getting Sanderson in Colquitt County need to be more vocal.

"Everyone I have contacted regarding Sanderson is in favor of them coming to Colquitt County regardless of the location.

"The Moultrie Observer needs to also report on those people that support Sanderson, not just a dozen people that do not."

Smells like jobs

"The smell of chickens smells like food, jobs, eggs, trade, and survival to me. My family will always appreciate, say a blessing, and be thankful for, a smell like that."

What's preached

"Referring to the sin of abortion not being preached in local churches, that isn't true.

"In our church, we hear not just the sin of abortion but the other sins mentioned in the Bible that we are warned to abstain from.

"That church is Pine Grove Baptist and Bro. Stanley preaches the word as it is found in the Bible and souls are being saved and God is blessing our church."

Gorgeous sight

"There's a gorgeous sight on Veterans Parkway south. Beautiful flowers."

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