For Aug. 28

Free speech

"Exercising one's right to free speech by criticizing the government's policies or actions does not constitute insurrection or rebellion, unless of course you are not a Republican."

Dress codes

"We do have dress codes at all our schools. What does wearing a particular color have to do with short shorts? We have rules that are more than appropriate and should be enforced at school ... and at home."

Enforce codes

"It's important that the city uses its code enforcement agents to see that things are kept up here in Moultrie.

"As a taxpayer I'm very upset with that property between Second Street Southeast and the railroad tracks on Fourth Avenue Southeast. These properties are a disgrace.

"How can you have a garage sale 24 hours a day, seven days a week?"

In response

"Not everyone can take their kids to schools. That's why we have buses."


"Why doesn't the junior varsity Packers get more attention in the newspaper?"

Animal care

"We need more compassion for our animals at the Human Society. As it is now, it should be called a shelter, not the Humane Society."

Junky look

"It's time to organize and go to city council with these issues of junked-up properties in Moultrie. Garbage breeds riff raff. Let's hold the city responsible. Keep complaining about these areas until something is done."

Road conditions

"Mr. Norman needs to attend to other roads in his district as well as he did his own."

Absurd statement

"What an absurd statement that we should not complain about over-packed buses but rather take our children to school.

"These kinds of comments I feel are relative to our dropout rates. We simply have a lot of uneducated people in our community making uneducated statements like this."

Dress styles

"The ranter about the college girls should have showed up at the CCHS Open House.

"The outfits worn by some of the girls who showed up would have made Hugh Hefner blush and many of those were worn by the mommies."


"Where does my child's eighth grade teacher get off keeping seven Bibles in her room and forcing six students to get up and participate in a Bible drill in the middle of class."

Tired of both

"I'm getting tired of Bush and Kerry. I wish the election was next week so we could get on with business. Our economy is suffering and we're killing our soldiers."

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