For Aug. 14

Sumner Road

"You folks on Sumner Road don't understand the process of road improvements. You likely will have to wait until you get a commissioner elected who lives on your road. Then the priority list (ha! ha!) can be altered to fit your (his) needs. And don't ask me where I got this crazy idea."

Crime news

"To the person who was upset about all the crime on the front page recently. What would you have the newspaper do, cover it up? Pretend it doesn't happen? Keep the truth from us?

"Personally, I want to know what's going on, who's doing it and how often. Also I want to know where the incidents take place as a matter of self-preservation.

"I agree with the ranter who said he is not worried about terrorists as much as he is worried about thugs breaking into his home and stealing his belongings and possibly harming him.

"But then again, I suppose that is terrorism if you are the victim."

Good comments

"I've heard a lot of good comments about our community from visitors attending the diving meet this week. This should make us proud. We are known as a community that invests heavily in its youth."

Bike trail

"I use the fitness trail quite a bit, and I'm not sure what the recent complaints are all about. This is a great facility. But then I know some folks, if given peach cobbler, would complain that it wasn't apple pie."

Siren sounds

"I was listening to an emergency vehicle going by today and there must have been a dozen different sounds emitting from its siren. Is that many necessary? Or do they put that many on there in case there is a parade?"

Why Abe did it

"No, the real reason Abe Lincoln went to war was that he was a power-hungry tyrant who catered to the regionalism interests who buttered his bread, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the African servitude issue. Some ranter has obviously not read President Jefferson Davis' book, in which he makes the case brilliantly that the war would have happened either way, even if there had not been a single 'negro in North America' as he puts it."

Kerry positions

"One ranter wanted a case against Kerry. He has a position on every issue. Vietnam: He volunteered for it then protested against it.

"Taxes: He voted for increasing taxes more than 300 times now he promises tax breaks.

"Gay marriage: He thinks gay marriage is wrong but supports civil unions.

"Abortion: He thinks abortion is wrong but supports the woman's right to kill the unborn baby. He does take positions on issues, unfortunately, he chooses both sides!"

Kerry in Vietnam

"I am amused at those who say Kerry is a terrible person because he only spent four months in Vietnam combat. Well, I bet if he had known he was going to run for president, he would have stayed over there longer.

"In fact, he could have used some of that time that George Bush didn't use there."

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