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Honor Roll

"OK, enough about the punctuation problem.We invite you to come and help with the teaching.You have made me realize that I have not been hard enough. I have lowered my level of expectations to make parents happy that their child made a good grade.That is now over -- I hope that you will not complain when your child does not make the Honor Roll.

"Finally, the Honor Roll will mean something. Real students will make it. Please remove the bumper stickers about Honor Roll. They are reserved for the best."

Up to parents

"You'd know why the film is called 'Kill Bill' if you'd take the time to read an article on it.

"It's up to parents to keep their kids away from it, but if you start harping about a movie you know nothing about you'll just make more people want to see it."


"Aggressive driving in Moultrie is anyone who refuses to travel 5-10 miles below the speed while waving at friends on the street."

My dismay

"I would like to express my dismay and disappointment in a neighbor who allows her big animal to relieve himself in the street with no regard for how this looks.

"This person makes no attempt to clean up after the animal, and this is utterly disrespectful to the home this takes place in front of, not to mention total disregard for the neighborhood. Please think about this."


"I don't think the ranter was saying that everyone who comes here should learn English because some of our ancestors took the time to learn native languages.

"They should learn it because it's easier to do business with them day to day from both of our standpoints.

"You ever tried giving directions to someone who can't speak English? There's only so much pointing and nodding that you can do."

Bike trail

"Hello, it's me again ... the curious complainer as I have been called in this column. First of all, I work six days a week, nine hours a day and my way of unwinding after a day's work is to walk my stress away on the bike trail that runs toward the airport.

"It is very peaceful and quiet out there and no cars drive by blowing the horn at you. If I wanted to work again after my regular job, then yes, I would take my blower and clean the pine straw off of the trail.

"But why should I do somebody else's job for free if they are supposedly paid to keep the trail looking nice?"


"Exodus 20:11 tells us it does matter what day we worship on and why, it spells out who you are worshiping. The 4th commandment is the only one out of nine that tells you which God you worship. Muslims worship their God on Friday. And others have chosen different days to honor their gods. It's a matter of loyalty. Once you decide to hold to the Bible Sabbath keeping the other nine commandments becomes easier, so you live out your faith the other six days."

It's the dollar

"You folks who keep talking about language and who should speak what language -- the language is 'dollar.' Everyone speaks it."

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