For Feb. 26

Being responsible

"The County Commissioners who were on the board at the time of start of the courthouse restoration should be held responsible for the problems we have now.

"I remember reading in the newspaper over and over where Commissioner Hall, for one, told The Observer she didn't know what was going on, but yet she attended the restoration meetings and signed off on restoration items.

"Our courthouse problems are going to cost us taxpayers a bundle."

Enough already!

"I have had enough! I have read about the SCV groups' gripes for two years and now I see they want to have a say in our history curriculum. We lost the war gentlemen, and rightly so.

"If we follow your logic, then we would not idolize our ancestors who were tories and not patriots. God let the South lose for a reason. No one should be allowed to prosper at the expense of others such as poor whites and slaves.

"And if you think I am black, then you are wrong. And if you think I am not a southerner and proud of it, then you are wrong again.

"We need to promote our great southern heritage in meaningful ways that everyone can be proud of and maybe, just maybe the terms 'redneck', 'ignorant' and 'uncivilized' would not by synonymous with the South."

Death toll

"American soldiers are killed in Iraq almost every day. Why isn't this reported on the front page of The Observer?

"Out of respect for these men and women giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country, The Observer should find front page space to remind the people what is happening over there. This is like the Bush policy of refusing the media to film the return of the bodies."

Turn them off

"Now that major league baseball has been destroyed by greedy players and owners, we know why NASCAR is becoming the new national sport.

"The major league baseball season is over before it begins this year. With the New York Yankees $190 million payroll and most other teams from $31 million (Tampa) to under $100 million, who can compete. This has really turned me off, so this summer I plan to turn them off."

Hey, it's over!

"I'm appalled at Mr. Bridwell's low blow to try and belittle our leaders in an effort to build up the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

"My great-great grandfather was in the Brooks County Rifles during the Civil War and I probably have more heritage than he does.

"If Mr. Bridwell thinks he is doing this because of heritage, wouldn't it also make sense to honor the slaves and all of the South's heritage.

"Why doesn't Mr. Bridwell and his Confederate flag wavers wake up.

"It's the past. It is over. Let's move forward and build a better place for our children, not on separation and hate but on unity and true patriotism."

No smoking

"Wouldn't it be great to make all public places in the city of Moultrie Smoke free.

"That would be best thing that they could. It is great to go to Albany to sit down and eat where there is no smoking."

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