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"I want to applaud County Commission's decision to hire Billy Howell as warden.

"I am familiar with all those candidates for the job, and I feel Billy is the most qualified."

Flag issue

"God put us on earth to serve him as one, united, not to fuss about a flag that will fly on a pole in the sky."

So dense

"I am a 75-year-old white woman. It's a shame that there are people so dense on racism and the flag issue. I'm sure your grandfathers would be ashamed to see what they died for which had nothing to do with slavery. They died for freedom for all races.

"I remember riding on school buses for white children only while black children had to walk to school. They could not eat in white restaurants. They had to enter the back doors to enter the white man's house. and they had to drink from separate water coolers.

"So today, if the symbol of the old flag hurts them, then why rub their faces in it. You could have been born black and how would you feel about it then."

On taking bids

"I have a suggestion for the county on taking bids. The highest one likely is overpriced. The lowest probably can't be done at that price. Why not pick one in the middle?"

Medicaid issue

"The Medicaid program does not pay for one to have kids. It covers health care for children, the elderly and those who don't have income to pay these bills.

"If you won't to preach about abstinence, then teach them about it. Don't leave it up to the church or the school nurse."

Need civics lesson

"Some of you keep saying democracy was not practiced because you didn't get to vote on the flag.

"Actually we are a democratic republic and yes, within that concept democracy was practiced. We elected lawmakers to go to the state Capitol and make decisions for us. That's what they did. You are just ticked because they chose for our state to move forward.

"Because you did not get a personal vote on this issue, doesn't mean democracy was circumvented. Our lawmakers decide on numerous issues that we don't vote on personally. Even the vote on the flag coming up in March is non-binding.

"Some of you people need a civics lesson."

National debt

"The president did not create our debt. Congress did this."


"I would not expect any Democrat to support tax cuts nor would I expect a Democrat to support a strong defense. They are all about homosexuality, abortion and free goods."


"We can afford a $4-million welfare office but we can't afford a place to get our driver's licenses?"

God help us

"God help us to raise educated, enlightened and compassionate children so that 20 to 30 years from now we won't still be hearing rubbish about the flag."

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