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"Thank you to the person who sent out the warning about the perfume salespeople in the parking lots. While some stories passed along in e-mails do indeed have credibility, the majority do not. For further proof of this, you might want to tune into 'Urban Legends,' a show aired each week on The Learning Channel."

Did you know?

"Did you know that if a 'parent' doesn't help their children at home and doesn't help them with their homework that when the children do poorly in school the federal government will put the children on disability and send the parents a check? Even though these 'slow' children don't eat anymore than the 'smart' children, they still get a payment from the government. Of course, the people who are receiving these checks because their children are disabled also get another check for food, and usually another check for their own disability because their nerves are bad and they pitch fits regularly. Especially when they are denied disability.'


"One ranter showed how much socialism has taken over the government-education complex: 'Let them have assurance of two meals a day, no matter how much money their parents make'? That's a statement that only a true communist would promote, not a free enterprise American."

Rest my case

"Well since the rest of us are dumb who never had pre-k, I guess I rest my case. But really, it's a better Hope investment to educate uneducated or laid off work adults in this town and state so we all don't have to pay higher state taxes and local taxes. You might want to subscribe to the Atlanta paper if you think this is just a local group of individuals who think using HOPE for post secondary education is a better use of Hope money. Maybe you need to better inform yourself. A good place to start would be to eliminate the pre-k director and family service workers. This is classic redundant waste of money which systems are already in place to more than do their jobs. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself."

In response

"Let's expose, socialize, and institutionalize our children as early as possible because the government says it's good for them. They can learn to follow rules instead of asking why. We will challenge their memory skills instead of their thinking ability. We will teach them competition so they will work hard for someone else just like us."

Sounds like ...

"To the person that said: 'Teaching at home would be great, but what would the children be exposed to?'

"Gee, I don't know, maybe a parent that cares.

"Also said... 'Life is about more than the 3 "R's". It is about following rules, challenges, competing, and lots more that can't be found at home.'

"Maybe not in your home, but it is found in mine.

"And last but not least you say ... 'Oh! and what about those who find nothing at home?'

"My guess is those that find nothing at home find very little elsewhere either.

"Any parents who care enough to devote themselves to home schooling has much more to offer than someone seeking out a baby sitter. Sounds like you are looking to justify not being responsible for your kids."

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