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"In response to the segregation remark: you are very right. However, this issue relates to every walk of life, not just one particular race that has had an unfortunate past.

"Scholarships, athletics, academics, and other everyday issues seem to be decided for certain walks of life perhaps in effort to amend what people before have done. Those now can not fix what prior generations wronged, so to all concerned, just drop it. And remember if you do yell discrimination, racism, or segregation, you are mutually involved in the attack and should have the same yelled at you."


"Thanks goes out to the Moultrie Fire Department for an excellent job they did when Mrs. Bonnie's Preschool came for a field trip. A big thanks goes to Mr. Michael and Mr. Randy for showing the kids the fire truck and uniform that is worn. The kids had a great time."

Not dead

"It is true that Stine George has a sometimes distorted approach to life and truthfully all students don't work as hard as they should but segregation is not dead. Look around you on Sunday and in fact any day of the week. Furthermore check your heart. Check the employment rate. Why do we hire, socialize with, recruit, pray and make sure whether we are white or black with our race only. Think and then answer.

"As a man is in his heart ... enough said!"

Is it a law?

"Is there really a law that says you can't flash your lights at someone else on the road to warn them of something? Or did the trooper just make this up? It would seem to me that flashing your lights could be an effective way of letting other motorists know that there may be an obstruction ahead. I would like to hear more about this."

Rank and file

"Sen. Orrin Hatch has introduced a bill that would allow a foreign-born person to become president of the United States. This seems totally out of character for the Republican Party.

"So is Orrin Hatch now a liberal Republican? I've heard conservatives fuss about foreign-born people for quite some time now. I would just like a clarification."

The fan

"That fan who deflected the ball and supposedly cost the Chicago Cubs that game did what has been done forever at ballgames. It doesn't say much for the human race for people to be on his case so much. He wasn't the only one going for the ball. It just so happened that he was the one who deflected it."

Who else?

"To that guy who said aliens wouldn't be in this country if someone here wasn't making money off their labors.

"Well, that didn't take a great mind to figure out. But did this guy stop to think about it (relative to the migrant labor force) that he would be paying more for groceries if that labor force wasn't available. So he's saving money.

"Now when this person goes to the store and voluntarily pays more than the list price on those vegetables, then I will give his opinion about someone making a dollar more credence. I doubt seriously, though, that this will happen."

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