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A shame

"A World War II veteran passed away a year and a half ago. In World War II he won the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. We noticed recently that his grave has no tombstone or any kind of marker. There is no sign that flowers have ever been put there. He has no children but had nephews. His friends took care of him during his illness. He was a kind and decent man. This is a shame."


"With all the problems we've had with 4-wheelers, when are we going to start holding parents and guardians accountable?"

Don't understand

"I don't understand a government that supports aliens over the U.S. citizens."


"I've just read where our county attorney was kept on the job by one vote. Then I read where he got a raise. Then I read where they have to close a loophole in the garbage issue. Would this kind of performance be put up with in the private sector? Pay should be based on performance."

Blood issue

"About the blood issue: First of all, CRMC chose to change their supplier for blood. The Red Cross did not abandon the hospital and will still supply CRMC if asked. If there is any critical need from any hospital, Red Cross will be there to help, nationwide, and has the only registered source of rare blood types. All blood leaves Moultrie to be tested and there is no guarantee that this same blood returns to Moultrie."

Red Cross

"I've given blood to the Red Cross for years. I need to know if I can ask for Red Cross blood at the hospital? Will I get SCBC blood even if I don't want it? Maybe I should change hospitals."

No reason to leave

"CRMC can choose who it buys blood from. I will choose to which organization I will give blood. Red Cross has been with us many years, serving our community and our armed forces. I have no good reason to leave them."

Bad idea

"I think that the idea of our donated blood being sold for profit is a bad idea and a practice that should be stopped. If you don't believe a profit is being made just do your homework. Let's get this practice stopped and back the way it should be."

It's sad

"With all the thugs, jerks and arrogant never-weres we see in professional sports today, it's sad to see a consecutive MVP winner and great human being not be able to get into the Hall. God bless Dale Murphy."

Coddled too much

"We grew up on trampolines for years without those nets all over them and accidents were rare.

"Kids are coddled and pampered now to the point where they lose interest in doing any physical activity save for reaching for a Nintendo.

"Protecting them is one thing but raising what amounts to a generation of fat little wimps is something else."

County voting

"Do we expect that all of our county commission decisions from here on out will be a three-to-four vote?"

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