For Aug. 30

Working jard

"I've never seen a faculty work so hard as Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Robinson and staff, despite all the negativeness. Keep up the good work. The rewards are sweeter in the end."

None is perfect

"If you've never been anywhere else to know anything different, then you might need to do some traveling. Speaking from experience, there is no one school better than the other in our small town. There is room for improvement in all of our schools, whether it be in race relations, work relations or whatever the case may be. None is perfect."

Much more

"Pageants are much more than pretty smiles and pretty hair. They involve scholarships to help these youngsters with their education as well as providing funds for charities. Also they develop interview skills, public speaking skills, peer relations, and they get to meet new friends."

Dog issue

"When I drive home at night, I take Overlook Drive. Almost every night I see a pack of dogs roaming the streets. If the owners cared anything about these animals, they would keep them in their yards."

Sports salute

"Thanks for the special section in The Moultrie Observer on the youth baseball and softball teams. I know my son loves seeing his picture and his teammates there. Great job."


"Hurrah for Moultrie and Colquitt County for holding our elected officials' feet to the fire. We need to attend these meetings. Remember, Thomas Jefferson said it is our responsibility to occasionally shake up the government."


"I think administrators at Okapilco School should change their P.E. programs to earlier in the day before the kids have a heart attack."


"Words and actions by the county administrator have brought his credibility and integrity into question."


"I wonder if those who supported the Ten Commandments in the government building would have done the same had it been a display of Buddha, Mohammed or even Zeus?

"Come on people, we fled other countries and bled in ours to get away from a church-controlled government."

Switch the vote

"Instead of voting on tax monies to educate our kids, let's take the money we are sending to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and educate our kids with it.

"Then let's vote on what the foreigners get."

Good program

"Not all kids who go to pre-K are on welfare. Both of my children went there because they needed the boost to get them through school.

"We do need the pre-K program."

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