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"If America were really a free place to live, like originally, there would be no zoning whatsoever, since any man should be free to his own 'pursuit of happiness' on his own property without any interference from others who think differently (and think they know better how a man should use his own property!).

"This is also why, instead of government welfare rolls, every property owner should be able to sell anything 'used' or anything his own family makes on his own property without any sales or income taxes whatsoever."

Race card

"Commissioner Strong is trying to play the race card. He is mad because the county hired Mr. Mock and not someone he wanted.

"Get over it and lets move this county forward!"

Not for me

"I've voted Republican most of my life. However, I do not view political affiliation in terms of Christian and non-Christian. We also have Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc., in our nation -- all of whom are represented by our leaders and protected by our Constitution. Whoever spoke in these terms in that earlier rant spoke for himself or herself, not for me and I suspect not for many others."


"I watched Attorney General John Ashcroft testify before the U.S. Senate last night. His responses were the most arrogant, pompous and self-righteous display I've seen in a long time."

Crossing the line

"So now we find a memo that says it's okay to torture enemies to extract information. Indeed, we are becoming that which we abhor. God help us!"

It's geography

"To the person who was defending George W. Bush for invading Iraq and suggesting that we study history: I would suggest that he study some geography.

"Osama bin Laden is not in Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We now know, however, that the Saudis did have connections to that horrible event and yet we embrace them like long, lost brothers.

"If we studied history, as you suggest, we would study Vietnam and realize what mistakes we are prone to make militarily."

Showed our ahnd

"Perhaps you haven't noticed, but invading Iraq was like a poker player displaying his cards to the world.

"The world now knows that our military is stretched incredibly thin and we actually don't have enough manpower to police the world. This makes us vulnerable if in fact we should have an issue where we are justified in going to war."

I agree

"I agree with the veteran on Sunday's front page. Going to war with Iraq was about the dumbest thing our nation could have done.

"While Saddam Hussein was a tyrant who needed deposing, that's not always our job.

"Besides, there are other tyrants out there. Take Fidel Castro 90 miles south of Florida. And if it's about weapons of mass destruction, North Korea not only has them but flaunts them. Now we've got to rebuild Iraq at great costs."

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